Kunjapuri Sunrise Trek

If you are yoga lovers and want to meditate in some extraordinary divine place in the presence of the Himalayas then Kunjapuri Temple is the best-suited place for you. The temple is Siddhapeetha, you feel there the vibrations of goddess Kunja Devi and in the background the mighty Himalayas.

Kunjapuri Temple offers majestic views of snow-laden peaks Chaukhamba, SwargaRohini, Banderpunch, and Gangotri Peaks with a spellbound sunrise view. Kunjapuri Trek offers you a chance of trekking experience in Rishikesh.

Kunjapuri Trek - A Complete Trek Route Guide For Solo Travel to Rishikesh

Enjoy Sunrise view & Himalayan ranges peaks. after Sunrise Trek down towards Neergattu Waterfall : approx 7 km downhill trek takes 2 to 2.5 Hours. enjoy waterfall bath in Neer Waterfall. later trek town 1.5 km down to roadhead & drive for hotel.

Kunjapuri temple is one of the most spiritually significant places in Rishikesh that is dedicated to a famous Hindu goddess. This Kunjapuri temple sunrise trek will take you on a morning trek to the famous temple. Avail pick up and drop off facilities from hotel.

Kunjapuri Temple Trek is the best Trek in Rishikesh, offers Neer waterfall, the village, Hiking, forest  &  peaks gazing that make it a perfect trek to Kunjapuri Mata. The temple sits at an elevation of  1,676 m & the  Rishikesh Kunjapuri distance is 30 km by road from Tapovan Rishikesh. It is a short trek one-day trek in Rishikesh.

This temple is one of the Siddha Peeth out of 52, is located in RishikeshUttarakhand. There is a board display that this temple was built by the 197th Field Regiment (Kargil)  on the entrance gate of the temple.


little time but want to gain the maximum in a short period.

9 km long uphill trekking from Tapovan is so blissful and rejuvenated. Is trekking so difficult for Kunjapuri temple sunrise?
Yes, It is a 9 km Uphill trek that is difficult. But when you take a 12 km long downhill trek via Neer waterfall, I say it is an easy-level and entry-level one-day short trek in Rishikesh.

How To Reach Kunjapuri Temple Rishikesh
The temple is approx 30 km from Tapovan Rishikesh. So, it requires a 45 -60 minutes road trip from Rishikesh via Narendra Nagar and Ananda in the Himalayas to reach Kunjapuri Temple.
If you start from the Tapovan ( Rishikesh hotels )of Rishikesh, first reach Bhadarakali temple, So you reach the Gangotri Highway and drive through Narendra Nagar to reach Kunjapuri temple.

If you choose to reach by trek,?
Tapovan – Kunjapuri Trek Route Map is a 9 km long uphill trek via Rudra waterfall and Barkot village. Later you descend by taking a 12 km long downhill trek through  Pater village Dharkot village and Neer village and Neer waterfall to reach Tapovan of Rishikesh.

Himalayan Peaks -Gazing : Peak gazing is one of the most divine experiences you can have there. It holds a stunning panorama of the snow-covered ranges of the Himalayas like Swargarohini, Gangotri, Banderpunch, and Chaukhamba and of the valley of the Bhagirathi like Rishikesh, Haridwar, and Doonvalley.


Follow the instructions carefully.

  • Maintain a friendly environment.
  • Please check with your tour operator for any forest permission requirements.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol during or before the walk tour is prohibited.
  • Do not expect luxury as we will be traversing through pristine and untamed nature.
  • Do not carry valuables or expensive jewelry during the tour.
  • Mask and maintaining social distance with others are mandatory throughout the trip.
  • Carrying your own sanitizers, gloves, face shield and mask is compulsory.
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Nature Photography

The Kunjapuri’s downhills trails offer lots of opportunities to capture nature including village culture and traditions, particularly when you pass through Badhera, Pater, and Barkot village, you experience something you have never experienced before.

Kunjapuri Trek – A Complete Trek Route Guide For Solo Travel to Rishikesh. Places to visit in Rishikesh while Kunjapuri Trek : Nature Photography, Himalayan Peaks -Gazing, Yoga Retreats & Meditation, Wedding Rituals & Navratra Festival, Kunjapuri Trek & Sunrise Hike, Neer Waterfall Trek, Village Walk, Sunrise View & Sunset View, Birdwatching Walk, Rudra Waterfall & Mahadev Cave.

Located in the tranquil Himalayan foothills, close to the mythological cities of Rishikesh, surrounded by graceful Sal forests, overlooking the peaceful Ganga as it meanders into the distance. Kunjapuri Temple is the spiritual pathway to the ultimate, discovered through the union of body, mind and soul. In the morning, visitor's numbers will also be less, so you can spend more time enjoying the view. Fresh and cold air on your face due to Himalayan foothills is just beyond imagination. It is not just a retreat that will leave you breathless with the enchantment of its surroundings, but assists in redefining lifestyles to include the well-known traditional Indian wellness regimes of Himalayan culture and traditions.
At the home of Indian spirituality, immerse yourself with temple tours and experience devotional rituals, starting with the charming Ganga holy river. This temple gifts us with the Himalayan peak on the north and Rishikesh, doon and Haridwar to the south. This religious place has many visitors which usually increases at the time of “Navaratras”. The temple provides a paranomic view of sunrise and sunset from the Himalayan peaks.

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